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Leah and Matt's Amazing Troy Historical Society Wedding

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This ceremony was less than a mile away from my home in Troy, MI at the Historical Society in Troy. They didn't want to see each other. Leah passed the time waiting for the ceremony nervously spying on her guests while Matt took full advantage of being banished to the historical society's equivalent of the toy room! Love the photos of him reading a jumbo book to the groomsmen. Their ceremony was short, sweet and full of spontaneity which allowed me to capture a lot of candid photos. As a wedding photographer, sometimes the ceremonies are so structured it's harder to get use all my jouranlistic photography skills. Afterwards they wanted me to take lots of fun wedding photos of them and of their equally playful wedding party at Troy's Historical Society. Since the Troy museum was closed for the day, we had our run of the place and we all let our imaginations run free to make some fun wedding portraits. Many couples don't have the time or the desire to take lots of posed photos, but we tried to have as much fun as possible adding their personalities into the photos. The fun continued on at the wedding reception in Sterling Heights at one of the smaller ballrooms at the Sterling Inn, Michigan where everybody danced and were treated to a pretty amazing light show. I loved their names projected onto the dance floor and reflected in the mirrors overhead.

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