Westin Hotel Wedding photography at the Metro Detroit Airport

Wedding Photography fromJessica and Dan's Metro Detroit Airport Wedding, the Westin Hotel.

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Jessica and Dan got married and had their reception at the Westin Hotel out at the Detroit Metro Airport in Romulus, Michigan. The place is lovely, lots of ambiance, takes a while to get all my stuff schlepped to the right spots, and a real lighting challenge, but as you can see from the wedding photos, the results were well worth the trouble. Jessica and Dan decided to go downtown detroit for wedding photos before their wedding ceremony, so they met in the Westin Hotel for nice candid photos of them seeing each other for the first time and then we headed downtown to the Comerica Park area for wedding photos. Much to the limo driver's bafflement, Jessica and Dan wanted some wedding photography at the old abandoned train station downtown Detroit, Michigan. He kept insisting that there were nicer places for wedding photos (really?), completely missing the point that it was a choice to put beauty in amongst the decay. We thought it was fun. I wasn't the only Michigan wedding photographer to stop by. Another professional photographer stopped by for a while to shoot over my shoulder since it made for some interesting and unique wedding photography. Then we headed back to the Metro Detroit airport for the wedding, which went smoothly. Jessica's dad, a bit of a shutter bug himself, wanted me to try to get a shot from overhead during the ceremony. The elevator seemed to move in super slow motion, but I was able to accomplish that for him and still run around the body of water (pond, lake, fountain?) to jump back into action. Part of being a good Detroit wedding photographer is adjusting to difficult lighting conditions and learning to create great wedding photos out of what could be disastrous if you don't have great photography skills, great equipment and a lot of experience. The reflections in the water is probably something all photographers see when they come here, but it fascinated me. The contrast of the dark, smooth surface set against a white dress and the pattern of the bamboo made for a really interesting, more complex image than just a regular reflection would allow. I didn't get to stay for too much of the reception, but I loved capturing this huge wedding party at their double tiered table. Thanks for a great day, Jessica and Dan.

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