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Let's just put this out there; these two are a couple of nuts! Totally well suited for each other... they play, they cry, and man do they laugh. I've never seen such a playful group for a wedding party. Not at my expense, just happy to be together and happy to be part of the gang. These two are huge muggers... not for the camera, they just happen to wear their emotions of their sleeves a lot. They certainly made my job of taking candid wedding photographs easy! Shooting this Sterling Inn wedding couples was every wedding photojournalist's dream! There were also a lot of firsts at this wedding. I've never had guests play volleyball (they both coach volleyball at different Michigan schools) at a wedding reception. This wedding photographer has never seen the bride do the alligator in her wedding dress. I've never seen a prank played on the groom (his mother's idea, mind you!) to find the garter. They blindfolded the groom, then had one of the grandmothers take Heather's spot on the chair. Eric, being the showman that he is, stopped just shy of feeling up grandma and Heather almost peed her pants laughing so hard! Needless to say, so much was going on around me, I needed and used every ounce of my photojournalist background to capture all of these candid wedding photography moments. Fun, fun crowd... generations of people having a blast. This Michigan wedding will go down in the books as a great big fun party and will be talked about in their house for generations to come. This couple have the unique distinction as being the most recognized wedding couple I've ever photographed. At least twice a year, someone who I'm meeting with will stop at Eric and Heather's wedding photos and say, "Hey... I know them. Do they have something to do with volleyball?". Isn't that hilarious?

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