Destination Senior Photos of Michigan Seniors

Destination Senior Photography

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While these results may be typical, their locations are not! Taken throughout the year of my two favorite Michigan 2012 seniors (my daughter and niece), their photos were taken all over the globe. So if you have a special place you're dying to have your senior photographed in, let me know and I can quote you a price.

This slideshow of destination senior photos were taken in Chicago, Canada, England and the Netherlands. While the locations are incredibly unique to most Michigan seniors, my favorite senior pictures out of this group are ones that probably couldn't been taken anywhere. The fabulous shot with the white wall happens to have been shot in London, but it could have just as easily been shot at home in Troy. On the other hand, if anybody in Michigan knows where I can find a slightly submerged flat rock conveniently located several feet from the shore in Oakland County, Michigan, I would LOVE to know where that spot is so I could recreate these photos!

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