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Wedding Photographers Photographs from Darcy and Gil's Henry Ford Museum's Lovett Hall Wedding

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I started my day with Darcy at the Dearborn Inn. As you can see from the photos of her getting ready for her wedding, not only is she a knock out, but she wanted everything about her wedding to be stylized. All of her wedding accessories, the way her hair was done and her wedding gown were very 1940's chic. She'd be able to do something that I think is very challenging; she'd really visualized the big picture and linked all the bits and pieces of her wedding day together in a way that seemed timeless, natural and seamless. At her suggestion, we went over to the Henry Ford Museum for some pre wedding portraits of just herself. She'd seen some wedding photos when she'd booked the adjoining Lovett Hall and so we were able to play around for about 15 minutes before heading to the church in Dearborn, Michigan. It was closing time for the museum, so crowds were to a minimum and I was able to do a bit more stylized wedding portraits that I normally do. It was a fun challenge and Darcy was certainly up for the challenge; elegant, chic and timeless was what I was going for. We arrived at the church, I met Gil, who was understandably nervous. He was stuck in the basement of the church waiting for the ceremony to begin. It was a nice, easy ceremony, lots of smiles, lots of bright colors, no mishaps! When we were taking their formals wedding photos, the minister asked to stop for a minute so they could sign their marriage license and be on her way. They walked over to the grand piano and I could see this amazing reflection in the piano, so I shot them and their hands while they were waiting to sign the license. We then headed over to Lovett Hall next to the Henry Ford Museum for their wedding reception. My husband was running the photo booth for my daughter who was away at camp while we attempted to go outside for some nice wedding photos of Darcy and Gil on the Henry Ford Museum grounds. We'd no sooner crossed the street when it started pouring. So we ran back to the Lovett Hall, took some wedding photographs undercover and rejoined the party. The sun broke through eventually filling Lovett Hall with wonderful light during the toasts which made for beautiful wedding photography. This wedding, for me, was about continuing on with the style Darcy had created and keeping the lighting and mood consistent while still using candid wedding photography to capture unguarded moments. Darcy's grandmother painted watercolors for each set of guests (and there were A LOT of guests) as favors... another beautiful touch. It was a joy working with such a gracious couple.

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