Adrian College Wedding Photography – Sam & Dave

I’d had a lot of contact with Samantha (or Sam as she’s known to just about everyone) before the wedding, yet we’d never actually met! I got there early since it was in Adrian and since I’ve been paranoid about all those orange cones all over the state of Michigan, I gave myself plenty of cushion time. Sam is hilarious. Anything and everything the comes into her mind shows up on her face, so watching her navigate the treacherous waters known as getting into your wedding gown were pretty funny. They also had a ham of a flower girl who seemed quite convinced the day was really about her! Dave was pretty laid back, go with the flow kind of guy. I was pleased I could light the gigantic Adrian College Chapel with my lights bounced off the ceiling. It was a dark day with threatening weather with dark approaching quickly and I was able to make the church look just like what your eye was seeing so you wouldn’t miss any of the details. The reception was just down the square at what is probably usually called Adrian College’s student union, but had a fancy, shmancy name instead. Nice DJ, good food, loved the individual cakes at each table and everybody who wanted to got to dance. Sam wanted a sparkler send off, so they left while there were still guests and that effectively ended the celebration. If you’d like to see more fun images from Sam and Dave’s Adrian College wedding, please go to my other blog at

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