Port Austin, Michigan Wedding Photography

You know how wonderful the weather’s been? How amazingly and unseasonably warm it’s been? Well, that streak broke for Jaime and Tricia last week. It was cold, raw, rainy AND windy. What were we to do for wedding photos?

Embrace it, of course! So here’s to taking advantage of Port Austin, Michigan wedding photography.

The bride

Celebrating the wind and everything that went with in for wedding photos in Port Austin, Michigan last weekend.

On of the things I loved about Jaime and Tricia was their ability to embrace the day and all it had to offer. Clearly this couple knows how to have fun!

I also encountered really cool looking wind generators on my way home back to Troy, Michigan after my Port Austin, MI wedding. I thought it really showed off the dramatic and stormy nature of the day.

In twilight, Port Austin, Michigan

Port Austin wind farm in Port Austin, Michigan.

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