Grosse Pointe Wedding photography – Pam and Dave

Pam and Dan must be the luckiest people on the face of the earth. 67 degrees in early November? Are you kidding?! Talk about well connected! I skated in 30 minutes ahead of the ceremony (1 and 2 o’clock ceremonies often face a wee bit of a time crunch for my 8 hours of coverage) in Grosse Pointe at the Star of the Sea church (always makes me think they mean tuna fish… sheesh, advertising!). This is the first time I’d worked with Kate McClellan from Purple Clover who coordinated the event. She’s great, very easy to work with and has the signature of a truly good planner… I never noticed she was there! We were lucky enough to be able to spend as much time as we wanted outdoors (until the sun went down!) before heading into the Grosse Pointe War Memorial for the reception. We’d been able to take wedding photos at a Grosse Pointe park, then on the Grosse Point War Memorial’s beautiful grounds as well. I had the rare opportunity to get all of my editing done and the slideshow up and running before the guests started arriving. I’m so used to being the last person to get there, this was a real treat! DJing was Sara Gharacheh from Platinum Mix, who always seems to know the latest crowd pleasers and is, as always, so easy to work with. Here’s a quick heads up for any couple actually reading the blog…. I’ve noticed this year couples have started to combine their dances. Probably it stems from them not wanting to be the center of attention for so long, or feeling they’re interrupting their guests attention for too long or something along those lines. Here’s a word of advice; the only song you should consider doubling up on is the mother/son and father/daughter dance. You may not realize this, but sometimes the dances are tricky for photographers. You’re moving, the lighting is dim and nobody’s been out there yet, so I’m dinking with the lighting to see where shadows fall, etc, the entire time you’re dancing. I’m also waiting for you to rotate (which some couples don’t do!), or eventually if I’m not getting the angle I like, I’ll have to scoot into a new position. If you share your first dance with your bridal party (which is what Pam and Dan chose to do, unbeknownst to me), I got about a whopping 60 seconds to get their photos done. Unless you choose an extremely long song, somebody’s going to get cheated big time and I really don’t want to do that! So if you do opt to double up on some of the songs, pick nice and long ones to ensure I can cover all my bases! If you’d like to see some more fun photos from Dan & Pam’s Grosse Pointe wedding (including some really fun windy veil shots!), please check out my other blog at

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