New to Me Cool Site!

Every once in a while something will show up in my spam folder that I can actually use! I was contacted by Thumbtack to showcase my business as a Michigan Wedding Photojournalist. The site appears to be an Angie’s list for people who don’t like to have to sign up in order to access their site. They also review my photo services and appear to be very user friendly (which Craigslist just isn’t!). So if any of my former clients want to send in a review, I’d love it!

Ambassador Magazine Spread!

Isn’t this neat?! I love that Ambassador Magazine included Katie and John’s story as part of the article featuring my St. John’s wedding photography. It’s always nice to get some press for myself and for my clients… pretty fancy/schmancy wedding announcement, wouldn’t you say?! Congrats to Katie and John!

AnonymousJanuary 14, 2013 - 11:45 am

Hey, that’s the greaest!

Masonic Temple Wedding Photos – Nicole and Steven

Looking for a beautiful wedding venue in Michigan?

Check out downtown Detroit’s Masonic Temple. The chapel inside is amazing and the ballroom for the wedding reception has lots of ambiance and photographs beautifully. So if you’re looking for something historic for your Michigan wedding or a location where you don’t have to worry about the weather, look into this venue!



Baby K at 2 weeks!

I LOVE shooting babies. Somehow that never sounds quite right! It’s always such an incredible pleasure to see my wedding couples a few years later once they start having babies. This couple live a long ways away, so I set up my own studio, turned up the heat to 90 degrees hoping to eventually sleep the newborn… which she never did! She was wonderful… absolutely wonderful. My favorite newborn baby photo from the day is one where she is scrunched up, naked and reflected. If you look carefully, you’ll see why she’s so peaceful… she’s peeing! Enjoy and thanks Amanda & Greg 2006 for sharing your pride and joy!

Lake Orion Backyard Wedding ~ Stephan & Patrick


Stephan & Patrick lucked out big time with a beautiful day for their outdoors Lake Orion wedding. It had everything I love about backyard weddings; homemade and personal touches, beautifully handcrafted gifts and lots of love! My very favorite thing about weddings that take place in backyards is that it requires a group effort and that group participation means everybody’s invested in making it a grand event. The more people who help, the more people seem to love the event they helped create. Stephan & Patrick certainly did more than their fair share of the work that day, but I loved that they were able to relax and enjoy all the love they got back from their friends and family. Hopefully that comes through in all their wedding photos. I loved the jumbo sized fireworks… gotta love what google can come up with! If you’d like to see more wedding photos from Stephan & Patrick’s Lake Orion backyard wedding, please check out my other blog at