Dan & Debbie – Adat Shalom Synagogue Wedding –

This had to be one of my most laid back, go with the flow couples I’ve had in a while. One of their friends, Rabbi Hearshen (who is a dead ringer for actor Michael Cera) performed the ceremony and kept it informative, and provided key moments of humor (by calling Dan’s mom the wrong name not once, but twice which brought the house down!). It’s nice to see a couple take such good care of each other and see them surrounded by such a supportive family. Skye ran the photo booth station at the reception which entertained the kids and helped out with family group photo needs. Thanks for letting us be part of your journey and best of health to you both.

Jim & Christie – Walnut Creek Country Club Reception –

Christie and Jim’s wedding took place in the wonderfully new and totally photo accessible Oakland Community Church in Farmington Hills.  Lots of nervous jitters on Jim’s part and that’s always fun for me to key in on the person who is most not like themselves just before the wedding. They chose to show a wedding slideshow prior to Christie’s grand entrance which led to lots of laughs and tears. It also seemed to pull Jim back to the moment of the day and I could see him starting to relax just by watching the photos of their lives. Afterwards we commandeered golf carts at the Walnut Creek Country Club in South Lyon, Michigan and took wedding party photos out on the golf course. The most hilarious moment came when the girls wanted to pick up Jim. Not exactly sure what to do, they promptly dumped him headfirst (he’s okay, folks!) once they couldn’t quite get it. Needless to say, Christie was quite a sport when the boys then wanted to lift here up! Her brother kept her from the same fate! As the wedding photographer, I often ask for wedding party input for group photos once I’ve got the standard shots out of the way. This group was young and vibrant and gave me a couple of great wedding party jumps! The day ended with a live band performing fun, classic rock tunes that kept the place hopping well into the night.

Laura & Ryan’s Clarkston Wedding Photos!

It’s always fun to hang out with a couple who are young, and way into each other. The looks Ryan gave Laura all day long would melt anybody’s heart. The Clarkston couple got married in their Methodist church, a cute and interesting church to shoot in. They had a beautiful room for Laura to get ready in (can you believe that window light???). The boys got ready in the teen room – complete with a wii to keep the boys occupied! Afterwards we went to the White Lake Oaks Golf Course for some funky photos to show off their spunk (they jumped twice and ended up with two really cool photos!) and Laura’s cathedral veil. Loved watching Laura interact with all her younger sisters and her dad all day. Ryan and Laura have been together for a long time despite their youth and have been through a lot together. Their patience and connection were really wonderful to witness.

Jen & Nick’s Kensington Wedding in Troy and Indian Springs Metro Park Reception!

I’m beginning to feel like a broken record, by I once again had a bride and groom who didn’t seem phased at all by the pending doom and gloom clouds gathering all Friday long. Jen had planned out some cool spots to take photos (like the Birmingham Historical Society) as well as a cool hill at their reception site at Indian Springs Metro Park. Not even a drop of rain before the biggest downpour in the history of weddings. I really thought my car might float by the reception hall after a few hours! This was also a rare experience for me in that the day went by way too quickly. I know this is fairly typical for the bride and groom, but when someone mentioned the time, I swore they were kidding.  The whole day sped by too quickly, even for me! Cool guests, cool and well prepared bride and groom. The whole wedding was well planned, well designed and well executed. I’d never shot at the Kensington Church in Troy. Their chapel is better built and lit than most stages in the U.S., so shooting with great access allowed me to get some really cool and different ceremony shots. The Environmental center at Indian Springs Metro Park is place I really wish we could’ve carved out more time to explore and shoot at. I would say next time… but that just doesn’t sound right!

Coolest Save The Date Card EVER!

I get beautiful stationary, some very special, some very funky wedding invitations on a fairly regular basis. What can I say? My couples tend to be creative and unique people. This save the date card blew me away. My groom to be, Jeffrey, is an artist and he designed and executed this 3-D  piece of art. Cut outs and vinyl are his playground. I wanted to share this with you. If you’re ever looking for an easy going, artiste, Jeffrey Karolski is your man! Can’t wait to see the actual invite from Sarah & Jeffrey! Another cool feature on this puppy is there is a teeny almost flat magnet in the round flat that served to hold it closed. Works like a charm. Think I’ll have this one hanging around a long, long time!

SarahJanuary 22, 2011 - 4:27 am

It took him a long time to make, but they turned out so wonderful we have one on our fridge over a year later. Still LOVE looking at it! 🙂

– Wife Sarah