Kalamazoo Wedding – Leslie & Joe


Leslie & Joe’s Kalamazoo wedding was a blast. My daughter Skye came along to run the photobooth and we were able to get lots of shots all over Kalamazoo and also at their favorite spots on Western University’s campus. I’m not sure all their guests and parents knew we’d be leaving for an hour (I hadn’t know this myself!), but their downtown Kalamazoo Michigan wedding was a blast. I particularly love the photos taken in the fountain at Western University. This bridal group had lots of fun ideas and were up for anything! LOVED them! If you’d like to see more wedding photography from this Kalamazoo wedding at Western University, please check out my other blog at; www.themichiganweddingphotographer.blogspot.com.

Greenmead Wedding photos of Bryan & Lindsay


So the thing that made Lindsay & Bryan’s wedding at Livonia’s Greenmead completely unique is that they’d been married for about a year before their wedding! They also had no officiant to perform their wedding and did those duties themselves. They also choose the BEST caterer in the world, Zingerman’s and they played the entire day by ear. Yeah, let’s skip the dancing… hey, wanna go take photos now that our guests have gone? Loved their cool spirit and so happy their initially soggy wedding day ended up being a great day to wedding photography!

SusanFebruary 19, 2014 - 11:49 pm

I’ve never seem wedding photos from Greenmead before. It looks like a lovely location for weddings. Gorgeous photography, by the way.

Divine Child Wedding, Dearborn Country Club – Nate and Clare

I can’t believe I have to blog about yet another stormy wedding! This had surely been the most bizarre and unpredictable weather we’ve had in many, many years. Clare understandably didn’t want to take photos outside since it was raining off and on all day and she didn’t want to ruin her dress. When we caught a break in the weather, I took a few photos of Clare and Nate at the Dearborn Country Club, but after dinner I saw the gloomy, doomy, super theatrical clouds rolling in. The difference between the photos of the flower girl and Clare are about twenty minutes apart (that’s how long it takes to move brides and grooms from point A to point B in a reception hall!). l loved the dramatic blue. The clouds let loose a few minutes after photos to thoroughly drench the country club, but not us! So if you ever worried about the weather, let the photographer take care of your timing so you can still get cool photos without having to do the worrying yourself. For a few more photos from Clare and Nate’s Divine Child wedding in Dearborn, check out my other blog at www.themichiganweddingphotographer.blogspot.com.

DilshodSeptember 22, 2013 - 11:13 am

Beautiful pictures … and it’s true that the low sun of winter gives a special luminosity. Beautiful photos.

Country Club of Detroit ~ Kiera & Alan

Okay, so I promised to keep my blogs about relevant things so you can use them for tips at your own wedding. Here’s today’s tip; find out what your church’s rules are for your photographer. Some of the pickier ones are sending them out to the photographers ahead of time to give us a head’s up… we’re the picky people. Christ Church in Grosse Pointe is such a church. Beautiful, old, full of traditional Episcopalian rules. Their services photo rules have been in place for at least 40 years! They e-mailed me their rules which were all written in churchese; all narthex, liturgy, sacristy, etc, etc. I wrote back explaining that I would love a translation into English so I’d understand the rules. They thought I was joking (I wasn’t!) and would fill me in once I arrived at the church. Four church ladies later, it became clear I wasn’t allowed to set foot past the doors of the church. The choir loft via the lobby… yes. The actual church… no! I asked their priest, Lisa and she said she was fine if I popped in the side door for a different angle (so long as I didn’t go in the sanctuary). The old biddies were having none of that despite Lisa’s helpfulness. So I watched helplessly as the ceremony proceeded without me. Sure, I got the entrance from above and the kiss, but not a lot of variety or interesting shots. What bothered me most, though, was that Alan and Kiera had been led to believe I would be allowed in the church. Everyone (but the old church biddies) seemed surprised by the news that I couldn’t be in the church. Even throughout their rehearsal the night before they were led to believe I could and would be there. So to avoid disappointment, try to find out what exactly the church’s rules are and don’t assume just because you’re a fourth generation parishioner that you’ll get special treatment! The Country Club of Detroit is a grand old building that’s tough to shoot in to do it justice, but it’s elegance and the outside of the building more than make up for any difficulties it has inside… word to the wise… don’t rent their “guest suite” for your wedding night… it features rock hard twin beds… not the height of romance! And that’s straight from the groom’s advice list! For more photos from Kiera and Alan’s Country Club of Detroit wedding, please check my other blog at www.themichiganweddingphotographer.blogspot.com!

Note to self, two years later… same church ladies, and even nastier and more restrictive. If you have a choice where to have your wedding and you want glorious wedding photographs from your wedding ceremony, steer clear of this church. It’s deceptively beautiful and ridiculously impossible to shoot in. Not only won’t they let you get even the basics (processional) and now they’re adding insult to injury by having the priest make an announcement to the congregation saying in effect, “Please put your cameras away as the couple have hired a professional photographer to shoot the event” which makes it sound like it’s MY idea to not to let anyone else take photos! Are you kidding?!  I’d be happy to have all the non pros get ANYTHING from this since I’m a good 120 yards away. Afterwards, they now let you shoot in the church for a total of 15 minutes. Unless you have a wonderful family history and love for this church and the people who come with it and have no interest in photos of the ceremony, DO NOT BOOK THIS CHURCH!

St. Hugo Wedding – Kara & Jim

So many high school sweethearts this past year… amazing! And we’re not talking about couples that are 18, either. These are couple’s who’ve been together all through their college experiences, sometimes separate college experiences and often beyond. And yet, they still end up together through it all. This wedding had it all… high winds, stormy weather, abnormally cold weather, burst of rain and hail (we missed that part!). Didn’t phase Kara a bit! I’ve decided to quit gushing about my brides and grooms during my blogs. Turns out, I like them all and waxing poetic about each and every one of them might get a little boring for everybody reading, so I’ve decided to impart wedding tips that I see either from the wedding day, or wedding tips I’ve gathered along the way, or critiques of locations, other vendors (still hate that word), or anything else that might make other people’s wedding day’s go a little smoother. So other couples take note; Kara & Jim didn’t let potentially the nastiest weather I’ve seen in years bum them out at all. Instead we had the weather work for us and we were rewarded with an extremely rare rainbow that we were able to see the beginning and end of! Their wedding was at St. Hugo’s in Bloomfield and their reception was at Paint Creek Country Club. This place is pretty far off the beaten path in the Lake Orion area, but Kara and her family were raving about how wonderful the staff treated them during their wedding reception planning. I’m always pleased to hear when my clients are happy with the flexible service they receive. Too many wedding halls treat their clients like they’re doing them some sort of favor by letting them use their facility. Paint Creek let them drop off their stuff a few days beforehand, helped them set up, said “yes” to just about everything they wanted and were extremely gracious throughout the event! If you’d like to see more wedding photos from my St. Hugo wedding and the reception at Paint Creek, please check out my other blog at; www.themichiganweddingphotographer.blogspot.com.