Detroit Golf Club Wedding Photography


Here are my faves of the day from Melissa & Bob’s wedding and reception at the Detroit Golf Club. Loved their playfulness and care for each other. One of the things I love about shooting weddings and receptions at the Detroit Golf Club is that they have a curved ceiling. This means I can create really nice, even coverage when I add my lights for natural looking lighting. It also makes the background drop to almost black which creates striking wedding photos. Also loved their band, the Good Gravy Band.

fotoclippingOctober 25, 2012 - 5:40 am

You really are great at capturing the perfect moments. Love their expressions! Very innovative photography. Best wishes for this couple.

Pick of the Day Snapshots! Greenfield Village Wedding


Update: To confuse everyone, Greenfield Village is now called the Henry Ford. No mention of the cool village they’ve created and no doubt it may take the better part of a decade for Google Maps to figure out which “Henry Ford” your wedding is at. There is the Henry Ford Museum (at least you’d be close by), the Henry Ford Estates, The Henry Hotel, the Edsel Ford House, etc. It’s a fun, picturesque place for a wedding.

Greetings, Blog followers! I’ve fallen hopelessly behind in my blogging as the wedding season and senior shoots are keeping me super busy, so I’ve decided to start doing really short entries and calling them “Pick of the Day”. They may not be representative of the whole day, they probably aren’t the couple’s favorite shots, but they’re fun, different and they’re meant to showcase things I love to pick up on during my day. So here they are!

Meghan and Andrew wanted a low key, family oriented wedding they could fly in for, do it their way and enjoy their day at Greenfield Village before their reception. They’d gotten married the week before and were hosting a Greenfield Village wedding reception so all their family and friends could join in their celebration. I’ve shot 5 or 6 “after weddings” this year.


MitchelFebruary 15, 2012 - 5:50 pm

wow your photography is great.

What NOT to say at the altar!

I overheard this story from my groom at last week’s wedding. He sees his beautiful bride walking down the aisle towards him. She sees him and bursts into tears. The first words out of her mouth when she reaches him? “I can’t do this.” His heart lurches; his stomach tightens; he breaks out into a spontaneous sweat. He boldly asks for a clarification. Her answer? “I can’t cry in front of all these people”. So brides… before you stop your husband to be’s heart… choose those first few words carefully!

AnonymousFebruary 19, 2013 - 4:56 pm

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Wedding Day Tips for Michigan Wedding Couples!

Here are a few wedding day tips for my Michigan wedding clients! Orange barrel season is in full swing! Drive the route you sent out to all your guests a week or two before the wedding to make sure all the maps and directions you gave your guests still apply. If detours or delays are there, let your guests know. The quickest way to post updates is either through a wedding website, or ask your guests for their e-mail address when you ask them to RSVP. You’ll save them and yourself a whole lot of stress!

Also, because we had an unusually wet spring, mosquitoes are extremely abundant and hungry this season, so don’t forget your bug spray. Have a couple of heavy duty varieties for your guests if you’re planning on having any part of your festivities outdoors – you’ll all be more comfortable in the long run.

And lastly… I’ve seen a big trend this year to switching to table to table receiving lines to greet the guests once the reception starts. Be advised that this usually takes well over an hour to make a circuit of around 10 tables! Often this leaves your guests with not a heck of a lot to do and some will give up and leave as the hour grows late. Instead, consider greeting your guests as they enter the hall for the first half hour of the time you wrote in the invitation. This works especially well if there is a gap between the ceremony and the hall. Once the half hour is over, you’re free to start the reception in earnest including a grand entrance. If your guest arrive late, then the onus is on them to seek you out to greet you!

Troy High Seniors are done!






Congratulations, Chris! All of Troy High Michigan seniors are finished with school and ready to head off to college. Now is a great time to get your senior pictures taken in Michigan since our heavy rains are leaving our grass nice and green and the heat waves haven’t kicked into high gear yet! So book now before we all get hot!