Catherine & Eric’s Grosse Pointe Wedding Photos

If you follow my blog on a regular basis, you might notice that a couple of the photos from the Lochmoor Country club in Grosse Pointe Michigan look very familiar. I try very hard not to repeat myself, but one of my favorite photos from one of my favorite couples last year was way too irresistible to pass up during this shoot. If you look back to last June, look for a very familiar bride to see if you can spot which bride is Catherine’s cousin! July this year was a wonderful and unique month for me. I had five couples in a row where I knew them as some of their guests because they were related to or had been in a wedding party I’d shot in the past year or two. There is something so fun and magical going into the day and seeing happy, familiar faces around you. If you’re on your toes and do follow my blog, you may be able to spot the brides from previous weddings. Hint for Catherine’s cousin… while she didn’t get married at the Our Lady of the Sea Catholic church in Grosse Pointe, she did go to a park in Grosse Pointe for photos and we did take full advantage of the grounds of the Lochmoor Club in Grosse Pointe. As you can see, we had wild weather, very dramatic skies and a 15 minute downpour where we all stood under a gazebo singing first rain songs, then sunshine songs.

If you’re wondering about the last photo, Catherine’s dad reacts as his next oldest daughter catches the bouquet. Nothing like finishing one wedding and having your  next oldest daughter catch the bouquet. The Vaughns are a fairly large family, so they may be at this a while!!!

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