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Wedding Photography from Alaina and Patrick's Dearborn Inn Wedding

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This is a wedding I'd looked forward to all year. You see, I'd shot Patrick's brother's wedding the year before. Alaina had been the maid of honor at that wedding. That was the night they fell in love. I have photos of their first dance together. They also happen to both come from fantastically nice families and since I knew the cast of characters, so to speak, there was just this immediate ease. They knew exactly what to expect from me and they just let me loose to do my very photojournalistic best! Both the wedding and the reception were at the Dearborn Inn in Dearborn, Michigan where I've taken wedding photos quite often. Alaina was "put away" at the Patrick house before the wedding ceremony, but she bolted out the door when she heard the singer they'd hired warming up singing, "Grow Old With Me". She burst into tears... a great release of nerves. It was such a great, unguarded and candid moment to photograph. The Dearborn Inn wedding ceremony was tear filled and joyous, and on a cloudyish day... all of which helped me to get photos of great candid moments. The toasts let me use my photojournalist wedding skills to capture unguarded moments as well. Patrick and Alaina were dancing to their first dance when they spotted the slideshow I'd set up which set them both grinning. Thanks for including me again with your families... now to work on getting Megan hitched!

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