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So you have lots of questions about wedding photography and wedding photographers and how your wedding photography will look? I've got lots of opinions and after covering over 500 weddings, I do have pretty assured feelings on the subject. I've got a section devoted to wedding questions and I answer all the questions I get. Not all of them are wedding related, but I do try to answer the questions I get on a regular basis. Who are my brides? Independent brides who like to do things themselves. Wedding photojournalism is a very new and hip thing, yet this is what I've been doing for over 20 years. It's not a fad, wedding photojournalism is how I approach your day. You are in charge and have the flexibility to do all your own printing. I've got lots of answers to just about every questions a bride has ever asked me. Not all questions are related to photography and photos, some of the tips and questions have to do with wedding planning and throughout my vast knowledge of how Michigan weddings work. I'm a photojournalist with over 20 years experience. I'm shooting weddings now in a photojournalistic style, which makes me a wedding photographer who incorporates her wedding photography skills to make her into a michigan wedding photojournalist. What areas do I work in? I'm a Michigan wedding photographer for Oakland county in Michigan. I'm a Michigan wedding photojournalist for Macomb county in Michigan.

I'm a Michigan wedding photographer for Washtenaw county in Michigan and I'm a Michigan wedding photojournalist for Wayne county in Michigan. I'm also happy to travel as far as Midland county, Saginaw county, genessee county, lapeer county and several others to service their wedding photography needs. Some people don't exactly know what a wedding photojournalist is... they think of us as wedding photographers only, who shoot with a photojournalism style. Wedding photography shot in a photojournalistic style means that as a wedding photographer, I shoot candid moments and capture moments of the day as they unfold rather than posing pictures. I'm a Michigan wedding photographer who lives in the metro Detroit area of Michigan. I'm happy to shoot your wedding in Oakland, macomb, wayne and washtenaw county as well. If you're wondering why I've got all this listed, it's so that you can find a human being who real Michigan wedding photographers and not just a huge list server. I've included a flash slide show on this page so that all you have to do is sit back and watch. I've also include many wedding photo albums so that you can see that I shoot many candid moments with a photojournalistic style during each and every wedding. I'm also photographing boudoir photography, or bedroom photography as it may be called.

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